Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Q: How does your "Three Week Free Trial" work?
[A] A: We start your subscription immediately and send you an invoice by E-Mail. If you haven't paid the invoice by the time the trial period is over your subscription stops and you owe nothing.

[Q] Q: Can I sign up for someone else?
[A] A: Only if you pay for their subscription in advance. Otherwise we're only honoring subscription requests made from the target E-Mail address.

[Q] Q: How many "Free Trials" can I get?
[A] A: Just one. You can however, for a nominal fee, change lists after you've paid for your subscription.

[Q] Q. Why do the Business and Motivational quotations cost more?
[A] A. They can be used to generate revenue. They're difficult to find, and you have to spend money to make money.

Of course, not every quotation is going to be relevant for you. Periodically however, one quote will cause you to do something, or see something in a new way, that will more than pay for a whole year's subscription many times over.

[Q] Q: Why is the "Wisdom of the Ages" list free?
[A] A: We have two reasons for making our best list available for free. We do it as a public service and it's good advertising to show the high quality of our content.

[Q] Q: There are a lot of free quotes on the Internet, why should I pay you?
[A] A: You shouldn't if you have more time than money; the ability to find thematic quotations; the patience to read them; the skill to organize them; the data base to store them; the discernment to separate the good from the mundane; and the discipline to do it every day.

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