Most things have inherent properties. Some are not be obvious. Just like a prism can split light into its constituent spectral colors -the colors of the rainbow - so Sections can arrange quotations so they provide the user with more benefit than any other organizational technique. Here's why. Quotations make every one more authoritative. They add another voice. But to be really effective, the quotation has to reinforce the user's point of view. When subjects are consistently divided into sections, such as Positive, Negative, Advice, etc., it enables the user to read 80% fewer quotes and yet still find the best quote for his purpose.

Every subject is divided into the following eight sections:

This organization enables the user to readily locate all items of a particular type. However, since each section has both an individual and a collective meaning, the best results will be obtained by reading each subject from 1 to 8.

Individual quotes, within each section of "Wisdom of the Ages" are arranged chronologically by the source's date of birth. The oldest quote is listed first. Undated proverbs come last. In all of our other programs, whenever possible, individual quotations are arranged to create a dialogue.

* Wisdom of the Ages only has seven sections. Section 7 is called Potpourri and includes Poetry, Verse, Humor, Flowers and Weeds


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