[Program Features]
Program Features

HTML Code Generation - Outputs the quotation on your screen into an HTML code file which you can upload to your WWW page.*

E-Mail Signature - Makes it easy to add a favorite quotation to your E-Mail; works automatically with most major E-Mail clients.*

Quote-A-Day - You can start every Windows session with a randomly selected quote or pop up a quote at any time.

Major Subjects - All minor subjects are grouped together into a major subject. You can find what you're looking for in one place.

Sections - All subjects are consistently divided into the following sections:

     1. Essence          5. Negative
     2. Opposites        6. Advice
     3. Insight          7. Poetry and Prose**
     4. Positive         8. Jokes and Humor**
This enables you to read 80% fewer quotes, yet still find the best quote for your purpose. Whenever possible quotes are arranged to create a dialogue.

Iconic Subject Menus - Subject Icon Menus allows major subjects to be selected by clicking on a visually descriptive icon.

Author Biographical Snapshots - Information is provided about most authors when you're reading their quote.

Subject List Box - A dialog that lists the available subjects in alphabetical order and allows you to to point and select.

Subject Finder List Box - An alphabetical list of minor subjects, subtitles and their corresponding major subject. You can select a subject with your mouse.

Filters - Nine electronic gatekeepers are available to customize output to the Browser or View Screen. You can select Time, Language or Length Filters to make the program interactive.

Open System - You can add, edit and delete records. All our programs use our proprietary Idea Savings Bank engine. Anyone who can fill out an index card can enter, organize and manipulate index-card-size blocks of text such as research notes, speech themes, clippings, documents, product ideas or plans. External text can be imported via the clipboard and indexed six ways.

Subtitles - Some quotes could be classified in two subjects. A Subtitle index cross-references quotes by their secondary subject. This enables you to find out more about one subject or find quotes with a combination of two subjects, i.e., Wisdom and Folly.

Quick Start Menu - Jump to your favorite mode of operation by clicking on an icon.

Clipboard - Paste the quote on the screen into the Windows clipboard.

Print Option - Send the quote on the screen to the printer.

Disk Write - Writes the quote on the screen into a disk file. This feature is important because, unlike the clipboard, it allows you to capture multiple quotes from a single session.

Multiple Indexes - Indexes allow you to access records in different sequences. There are six indexes. Some programs only index quotes by Subject and Author.

Variable Browser - A browser allows you to examine the first line of 20 quotes at one time in a tabular format. There are multiple browser formats that take advantage of different index sequences.

Toolbars - Toolbars enable you to bypass the menu and select common functions with the click of a mouse.

Word Search - You can find quotes/records containing a target word or phrase. Features include "Case Sensitivity" and "Whole Word Option." You can search in the Browser or Full Screen mode using different indexes. There is a Repeat Search icon.

Context Sensitive Help System - A complete On-line Help System is available should you need it.

Index Key Search - Use it to find quotes by any of the available indexes.

* New feature for Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista versions. Not available for Windows 3.1.
** Wisdom of the Ages only has seven sections. Section 7 is called Potpourri and includes Jokes and Humor.

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