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[Wisdom Logo] WISDOM OF THE AGES is an electronic book of quotes, sayings and ideas. It gives easy access to timeless knowledge from over 1,000 of history's greatest American, European and Asian minds. See complete description.

[BBQ Logo] BETTER BUSINESS QUOTATIONS is the only program that provides the in-depth coverage of business subjects necessary in today's competitive marketplace. It contains over 3,600 tips, insights, motivational sayings and jokes from 1,800 executives, leaders and entrepreneurs - past and present. It gives today's busy managers easy access to focused business wisdom and humor that can be used to Communicate, Motivate and Educate..

[GQWW Logo] GOOD QUOTATIONS ON WRITERS AND WRITING is a veritable treasury of valuable information and advice about all aspects of the literary life. It contains 1,378 carefully selected quotes, quips, observations, opinions and insights - from over 650 writers, editors, publishers, poets and critics.

[MW/WM Logo] MEN ON WOMEN/WOMEN ON MEN tells Naked Truths about the Opposite Sex. It contains over 1,700 quotes, quips and witticisms. You'll find Amorous Ammunition and Fascinating Facts from 800+ authors. Concise advice on subjects never far from the minds of men and the hearts of women. Use it as your own Secret Service in the Battle of the Sexes.

[LDLP Logo] LOWDOWN ON DOCTORS, LAWYERS AND POLITICIANS takes an irreverent look at three groups who believe the American public has what it takes. Plus, there is also a chapter on the Media. Anyone who thinks all politicians are jokes...until they get elected; who has been kept waiting by doctors; overcharged by lawyers or believes the media is biased will enjoy this program. There are 770 quotes from 400+ authors with tart tongues and pointed pens.

[SBW Logo] SMALL BUSINESS WISDOM contains a wealth of useful information for Entrepreneurs and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) business people. It includes over 1,900 valuable tips, quotations, insights, and motivational sayings from 1,100 experts and a separate data base with the names and addresses of over 200 suppliers, associations, publishers, etc. offering products, services or information designed to increase an entrepreneur's revenue or reduce their expenses.

Please Note: Small Business Wisdom is a subset of Better Business Quotations. In other words, you don't need both programs.

[ISB Logo] IDEA SAVINGS BANK -- All of our programs use our proprietary Idea Savings Bank engine. It's an open information system. You can add, edit and delete records. Complete list of features.

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