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Media Comments

"I have a big collection of quotation programs...In particular, I
like MCR Software's Wisdom of the Ages, which has the best
selection of relevant quotes I know."
	Jerry Pournelle, BYTE Magazine

"If you can't think of anything good to say, MCR can fill up your
personal computer with a lot of great quotes.  The company's 5.1
version of its Wisdom of the Ages software...has a new feature,
	USA Today

"...if you're ready for a fresh bit of time-tested wisdom with
your morning coffee, you'll like the Wisdom of the Ages
quote-of-the-day feature..."
	PC Magazine

"...You have time to read and ponder the message [Quote-A-Day]
before continuing.  There are enough quotes that if you saw a new
quote every day they wouldn't repeat for...18 years!  Wisdom of
the Ages is intriguing...Innovative and thought provoking..."

"Let your PC inspire you by installing Wisdom of the Ages...This
program gives an instant edge to anyone who wants to get charged
up or stimulate others to action...Its sayings are a great way to
spice up speeches and presentations."
	Success Magazine

"...is an experience for those of you who savor well-chosen words
that communicate ideas brilliantly.  This program I leave on the
screen, and, when a minute or two comes my way, I sit to enjoy
the marvel of history's most astute minds."
	Tom Nelson, Billings Gazette

"5000 Years of Great Thought - If you infer that I like Wisdom of
the Ages a lot, you're absolutely right... Leafing through the
contents is sheer pleasure...It's really more than a database of
material; it's a reference for speakers, students and teachers.
It's food for the soul, as they say - and well worth..."
	PCM Magazine

"Do you want to spent time in a fascinating way?...I looked at a
few quotes and before I knew it several hours had past.
Diversification of authors and sources is amazing.  One moment
you are reading Chinese proverbs, then Shakespeare, Washington,
Plato or Jefferson."
	Software Bulletin

"...apt phrases from both Western and Eastern traditions..."

"Read 'Em and Reap"
	Communications Briefings

"The selections are well-balanced covering 81 subjects from
'Activity' to 'Worship.'  They are taken from a good mix of
ancient and modern American, European and Asian quotables."
	PC Sources

"Do you need to give a speech and want a few good quotes?  Do you
want to add spark to your writings?   Wisdom of the Ages makes it
very easy to find a specific quote or topic... Finally a piece of
software that is fun and educational..."
	Letowt on Computing

"Do you want to get the point across more effectively or be more
persuasive when writing or speaking?  Then Wisdom of the Ages may
be the answer."
	Sentinel Reporter

"...Next time you find yourself at a loss for words, try 'Wisdom
of the Ages'...It's a Bartlett's type database containing more
than 6,500 quotations..."
	Computer Chronicles

"Looking for thoughtful diversion during a cross-country flight,
or perhaps some inspiration for an upcoming speech?  Wisdom of
the Ages ..."
	Portable Office

"Wisdom of the Ages fits nicely on a laptop.  It's so easy to use
you'll be up and running in minutes."
	Toshiba Laptop User's Group

"The programming...is superb.  Menus abound, help screens really
help, command structure is simple and speed keys are fast and
logical...Filters commands are exquisitely tuned.  Documentation
is brilliant..."
	Wilson Library Bulletin

 Vendor Comments 

"...the most insightful thoughts and advice of the most
significant philosophers, artists, scientists, writers and
leaders in history...a capsulized collection of mankind's wisdom
spanning over 2,000 years, covering subjects of endless
fascination and importance."
	PC SIG, Sunnyvale, CA

"A major work!"
	Gemini Marketing, Duvall, WA

"WISDOM OF THE AGES is a vast collection of the ideas and
concepts which transcend time, presented through the words of
history's best minds...thought provoking and provide stimulating
reading... By using such collected learning of humanity we can
attain yet greater heights.  We really are...standing on the
shoulders of giants..."
	Microcom Systems, Santa Clara, CA

"Great quotes from the great minds in history."
	Gold Hill Software, Gold Hill, OR

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